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We live in a world where change has become the norm. The speed with which things change around us is so rapid that it leaves many of us trying to figure out what the new norm is. These changes occur in virtually every area of our lives including our relationship life.

The way things were when our parents met, got engaged and got married in the previous generation is quite different from the way they are now. And while a number of us are still trying to figure out what is now acceptable, there is still another change going on.

Despite all these changes, there are still core values and ethics that have stood the test of time and are not just reliable but dependable.

This values enable you to approach relationships that tend towards a fulfilling end.

The Need For A Connection

It is so essential to have a connection with the person that one is in a relationship with, that this serves as a foundation for the friendship and trust required for the growth of the relationship to build up.

Connection is so key, especially for women. They need to know that you are not just hearing what they are telling you but you are also feeling what they are feeling.

The Times Are Different Now !!

Different times call for different approaches. In our Grandparents and some of our parents’ generation, things were easier. This was the generation where love birds got together after meeting at a party, a club or pub and then, the dating process started and thereafter, the rest is history.

And then, we had the next generation that followed, where you meet somewhere and then you have to take your lover to meet with your parents for them to give their approval or acceptance of your heartthrob. Everything then follows as expected thereafter.

The present times we are in introduces us to a new generation and a different kind of relationship that is growing to be the norm, whereby individuals date over the phone, and where there is no longer a need for parental approval or acceptance. Someone can wake up today morning and start something new or define a new approach and it only take some time, that approach becomes acceptable and practised by all.

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